Special orders

Special orders

We all deserve a delicious break from important occasions and everyday situations now and then. Our confectionery can help with private and business events, at informal or carefully prepared meetings with relatives, clients or employees. Our Café’s sophisticated antiquity, fun atmosphere and sweet lightness create a unique atmosphere of prestige. Platters of delicacies, arranged depending on the time of day, the nature of the meeting and the season, are an attractive complement to any meal. Our original sweets and chocolates are also a great alternative to traditional gifts.

Family gatherings

We want to make your wedding receptions, christenings, communions and jubilees an unforgettable experience, so let’s look at the unique details. How about a layer cake with personalized decorations, pralines, truffles, desserts, macaroons and cakes all created to suit the theme and style of the event, with appropriate color palettes and decorations? Sweet treats with dream flavors, initials, dates or even photos will delight guests on the sweet side of a meeting, while pralines and truffles make a superb welcome gift. Sweet buffets at the Czekolada Café can be arranged anywhere, displayed on a rustic cart, a stylized mill wheel or at specifically-themed stations. “A ‘Candy Bar’ is a charming idea for spicing up a meeting. The fairytale cart will take guests to the world of sweets in a vintage atmosphere.” This is a splendid way of serving desserts or displaying cakes, desserts, muffins, macaroons, mousses, pralines and truffles during a meeting. An additional attraction may be a chocolate fountain with seasonal fruits, stations with waffles, cotton candy and ice creams will definitely be admired but dessert lovers of all ages.


Company events

Sweet buffets and coffee breaks with cakes, pastries, pralines and hot chocolate make training sessions, conferences, celebrations, grand events and small meetings even more enjoyable. A sweet station is also a great way to stand out at trade fairs and exhibitions. This unconventional attraction will attract crowds of visitors to your company’s stand, where instead of giving away pens, lanyards and balloons, you can offer a taste of truffles made by a chocolate master.

Custom cakes and chocolate sculptures

We can make custom cakes and chocolate sculptures just for you. Layer cakes with a company logo or motif, or even an entire cake shaped like your logo! You’ll create amazement and gain the admiration of your guests, and when the material is chocolate, this opens up many more possibilities. Our Chocolate Master can reproduce even the most surprising ideas from this noble raw material, telling your story in chocolate. Chocolate sculptures are sweet works of art that you can consume immediately, or... enjoy with your eyes for years to come.

Gift ideas

We’d also like to recommend our high-quality personalized chocolates. These are ideal for expressing gratitude, saying thank you for help or showing your commitment to your relatives, business partners and employees. Elegant sets of pralines and baskets, with or without Czekolada Café deli products, can make great special gifts, or distinguish a company and build its prestige. They’re a guarantee of the highest quality and good taste, and can be an interesting alternative to ordinary gifts. Chocolates are an always elegant and appropriate way of building relationships! All of our pralines and truffles are packed in elegant packages of 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 or 12 individual chocolates.



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